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Anti-Static Room Wall Panel

Anti-Static Room Wall Panel

Detailed introduction

•easy to install and flexible, the standard board can be disassembled, the two utilization rate can reach 90%, the size of the high, interchangeable strong.

•the board can be arbitrary hole, install the control switch, and a power socket device, the user line of water and electricity is transformed, integrated wiring and pipeline maintenance and management convenient, makes the construction more convenient.
•easy installation, short duration, clean and clean site after installation, no construction waste, no pollution, more environmentally friendly, the user's work, life has little impact.
•easy to operate, construction safety, also can effectively save user's reconstruction funds, shorten the time limit for a project decoration, with aluminum aluminum plate compared to save artificial two to one.
• the light quality, can effectively reduce the floor load;
•board can be cut according to the wall structure and reasonable distribution, does not affect the overall effect. Can do neat and easy, neat one.。
•his product is actually the decoration process is the installation process, the decoration simplifies for the installation.

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