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Aluminium Hang-Parcel/Grille

Aluminium Hang-Parcel/Grille


Aluminium hang-parcel


Detailed introduction

This is a decorative curtain type ceiling, regulating the height of the housing vision, and can be hidden in the roof of all the pipelines and other facilities, but also can enter room sunlight or lamplight is soft and uniform. The hanging piece of smallpox is made of aluminum alloy and keel, and is flexible.. In line with 75mm, 85mm, 110mm, to 110 mm and 150 mm spacing is fixed on the keel, hanging piece of smallpox will not affect housing sound-absorbing and consumer spray, air-conditioning series facilities installation, a variety of colors to choose from. The product is suitable for building materials decoration, airport, subway station and other large places.


Assemble parts drawing of Aluminium hang-parcel


Installation diagram of Aluminium hang-parcel




Aluminium grille



Product introduction


The features and the advantages of grille smallpox: material lightweight, simple appearance, three-dimensional sense of strong, style novel, fire proof, convenient assembly and disassembly, good ventilation and lighting, air conditioning, an air outlet can be installed in the ceiling, the use of local, also can be used continuously.
Applicable places: exhibition hall, office buildings, shopping malls, bars, stations, subway, airport and other simple decoration of the large space.


Assemble parts drawing of Aluminium grille



Installation diagram of Aluminium grille


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