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Aluminium Buckle

Aluminium Buckle

C-Shaped buckle



Detailed introduction

Has a very good visual spatial extension, and easy to install flesible, modular design with the grille installed smallpox,visual effects, more rich, three-dimensional effects become more prominent, widely used in airport terminal buildings, subway stations, banks, exhibition center, office buildings, large-scale conference center,public space, c-type plate and has punching plates, can produce up to 6 meters, and can be set-size processing, aluminum sheet used 1001H, 3003H24 international standards. 50,75,100,150,200,300 cm be wide of the C-deduction ceiling can be assembled, there is no gap, all closely connected plate. Plate fixed in the keel tooth on deduction and can demolished.


Assemble parts drawing of C-shaped buckle




C-shaped Windbreaks buckle








C-shaped windbreaks buckle



Production introduction


C-shaped Windbreaks buckle structure is novel, design and easy, the overall clean, can perfectly express the idea of the designer, and its novel, full of time frame layout. The characteristics of longitudinal splicing dense, and the board flat, firm structure line is concise and lively, more dynamic, producing all kinds of plastic film mulching, spraying, punching and other series of products, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.。


Assemble parts drawing of C-shaped windbreaks buckle




Installation diagram of C-shaped windbreaks buckle




Carrying type aluminum buckle




Product introduction


Carrying type aluminum buckle adopt the aluminum alloy plate and punching plate with electrostatic powder spraying, is fireproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing function, surface and line as a whole and coherence of strong, give a person a kind of comfortable carefree feeling. Widely used in airports, halls, railway stations and corridors, etc..


Assemble parts drawing of Carrying type aluminum buckle



Installation diagram of Carrying type aluminum buckle



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