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Engineering Aluminum Ceiling

Engineering Aluminum Ceiling

Detailed introduction

product introduction

DELL brand aluminum ceiling, because of its unique structure, after the installation of hangers hidden, because of the visual effect of the atmosphere, smooth smooth and numerous customers. Dark box type ceiling series can produce a variety of specifications, and the specifications according to the folding type can be divided into low - side right angle and high side angle, high side angle. Among them, the short side series can save more space, while the high side series is more smooth and durable. At the same time with dozens of punching flowers available, can not only play a beautiful decorative effect, but also to free up the function of silencing and noise reduction by sound-absorbing cloth.

It is suitable for high office buildings, clubs, banks, shopping malls and other places to use. A variety of colors, specifications for the choice.



300×300mm 、400×400mm、500×500mm、600×600mm 、300×600mm、300×1200mm、500×1200mm、600×1200mm


installation picture


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