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Aluminum Corrugated Plate

Aluminum Corrugated Plate

Detailed introduction


      DELL brand aluminum corrugated board annual production of 300,000 meters, products are: self-cleaning nano corrugated aluminum panels, fluorocarbon PVDF aluminum corrugated board, corrugated aluminum tread plate, shaped aluminum corrugated board, corrugated aluminum exterior wall panels, interior wall corrugated aluminum plate , perforated aluminum corrugated board, corrugated board hyperbolic round bending aluminum, wide corrugated aluminum plate, acoustic aluminum corrugated board, corrugated board and other aluminum molding, high-grade aluminum corrugated board. Imported fluorocarbon paint: Akzo, South Korea KCC, the United States PPG, Carlsberg and other brands of paint. High-quality high-strength aluminum alloy sheet: SWA, Ruimin aluminum and other brands. Common thickness specifications are 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm., One-piece molded aluminum sheet sizes up to 1600x7000mm. Constructed mainly by the panel, stiffeners and angle code components. Angle code directly, press molding by a panel bending, but also in small panel edge swaged Corner molding. Welding screw ribs and the board after the connection, making it a solid overall, which greatly enhanced the strength of the aluminum curtain wall corrugated board and rigidity to ensure the long-term use of the flatness of the wind and seismic capacity. If needed noise insulation, install efficient noise insulation material on the inside of the aluminum plate.

       These products are widely used in the construction of metal curtain wall decoration metal roof metal ceiling, car interior decoration, furniture, automotive interior advertising panels facing envelope separator activities room booth fees, etc., with beautiful energy-saving insulation, light weight and good weather resistance and easy processing good impact resistance fire performance and easy maintenance and more color and other characteristics, it is the latest modern decorative plates.



1. Light weight, good rigidity, high strength, weather resistance and good corrosion resistance

2. plasticity, easy processing, beautiful and unique

3. The quality of light, energy saving, noise insulation, fire-retardant strong

4. The appearance of fine, smooth, easy to clean, maintenance

5. Construction of convenient, fast

6. uniform color, indoor use, warranty for 15 years the same color

7. The process recyclable, environmentally friendly

8. The quality hot galvanized iron or aluminum alloy sheet panels ensure rigidity and flatness

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