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29 2015-06
《Code for fire protection design of buildings》 GB 50016-2014
 6.7 Building insulation and exterior wall decoration 6.7.1 construction of the internal and external thermal insulation system,should adopt the combustion of class A grade insulation material,should not be us…More>>
29 2015-05
Aluminum honeycomb board partition series
The emergence of aluminum honeycomb board, breaking the traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, stylish style, won the middle, high-end office space market share. Aluminum honeycomb board to do partition has the following advantages: Fire: aluminum plate for non combustible material. Corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb board is surf…More>>
29 2015-05
Operating conditions of aluminium veneer on outer wall
Aluminum exterior veneer operating conditions: embedded parts and the main body structure is connected has laid a solid according to the design requirement, accurate position, the deviation should not more than 20mm. The position deviation is too large or not provided with embedded parts should be to develop remedial measures or connection scheme a…More>>
29 2015-05
Fine properties of aluminium single - board fluorocarbon coatings for exterior wall
Aluminum exterior veneer fluorocarbon coating has excellent weather resistance and anti ultraviolet properties, color is very stable and lasting, can keep for at least 10 years or even 20 years do not change color; excellent resistance to acid and alkali of high, can withstand the harsh environment of the weather; good adhesion, high toughness, str…More>>
29 2015-05
The effect of aluminum decorative panels on the performance of aluminum honeycomb panels
Aluminum honeycomb panels decorative panels of material generally choose 3003, 5005 grade, alloy composition of the lower 1100 of the board used. Decorative surface by spraying or roller coating type, coating for polyester or fluorocarbon paint, wall panels to the selection of the best spraying plate and coating, paint layer thickness is more than …More>>
29 2015-05
The market capacity analysis of the aluminum veneer product in the wall
The market capacity and the development trend of the single board products of the wall are the problems that the CSRC is concerned with.. Market capacity generally uses the external wall aluminum veneer market demand or market size (Sales) to express. The historical data involving nearly three years or even longer time and the next 3-5 years to rai…More>>
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